Step onto the future!

MOD Duo production is on the final steps. The waiting list is open!

  • We have closed the sales of current batch and have a limited quantity of MOD Duo's available
  • MOD Duo will be available with a launch price of $499
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Step onto the future!

MOD black

the most versatile stompbox of the world.

The MOD Duo uses a revolutionary approach to multi-functional stompboxes. It provides a ton of sounds, effects and tools out of the box. But it doesn’t stop there. With a MOD you can design devices for just about every musical and technical use-case – be it on stage, in the studio or at home.

The MOD Duo is a multi effects unit, it’s a loop station, a synthesizer, an amp simulation and even a recording device.

The MOD is what you make of it.


A revolution for: True creative freedom

The MOD has a very powerful, yet intuitive, graphical user interface, the Assembler.

With the Assembler you can create virtual pedalboards and it is one of the reasons why the MOD is so versatile: It allows to freely connect any combination of plugins – just like real audio hardware and pedals.

The MOD is a thousand pedalboards – in one pedal.

No. There are no limits

Possibly every kind of plugin you can think of is available for the MOD Duo: effects (pedals), synthesizers, sampler, amp simulations, looper, recorder and much more.

To get you started quickly, every MOD Duo comes bundled with a vast number of plugins. Check out some of our favourites:

But that’s just to get started. We set up a dedicated store where you can search for new plugins and download them directly from within the Assembler – with just 1 click. New plugins, free and commercial, are frequently published in the store by independent developers.

The MOD Duo utilizes an open standard for the plugins called LV2. It also features integrations for great audio technologies such as Max/MSP, Pure Data and Faust. Taking the example of a Max user that means:
With the MOD he can finally take all of his Max patches conveniently to the stage – in a pedal.

The MOD comes bundled with more than a hundred plugins
New plugins are being published regularly in the MOD Plugin store
Use your existing Max/MSP, Pure Data and Faust patches

Control everything – with ease.

The MOD Duo has two footswitches and two knobs to interact with the current pedalboard. Plugin parameters can be conveniently mapped to these controls in the Assembler. Two large displays make it easy to quickly navigate through the mapped parameters and to get visual feedback about a parameter’s current value.

The MOD Duo speaks fluent MIDI. Therefore, external MIDI controllers can be used to gain more control over your pedalboard: Easily map any parameter to external MIDI controls with the Assembler’s MIDI learn feature.

Create everything – with fun.

As we mentioned before: the MOD is possibly the most versatile and flexible stompbox. This is due to its advanced architecture, which combines high-quality hardware components, advanced analogue circuitry and digital sound processing in a very innovative way. To get an idea about what’s possible with the MOD check out the animation below:

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