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Mauricio Dwek
Business Development

Mauricio Dwek is a Brazilian material scientist and chemical engineer, who has conducted research and contributed to projects in engineering for social development and sustainability. He has had very diverse working experiences, from being a technical advisor and course manager for a professional education center in the Brazilian Amazon to providing market and financial analyses at a Mergers and Acquisitions consultancy firm helping businesses expand between Europe and South America.

Since 2010, he is a scientific advisor and secretary of the French Arts and Sciences association, Anahata, that conceives, produces and promotes research-creation projects that mix technology and creativity, through which he began presenting MOD at different events. He became a team member in 2016 and is focused on accelerating sales and improving the communication channels. He loves to sing some classic Bossa Nova and Samba tunes, has been doing professional theatre on and off, and speaks 6 languages.