Besides the well-known MIDI connection, MOD introduces the Control Chain, a new and enhanced way to connect external devices, that allows you to expand the possibilities on how to control the effects parameters. Control Chain was designed focused on LV2, the standard for audio plugins used by MOD. It’s flexible and ready to be upgraded if necessary.

We want the creation of new devices to be accessible to everyone, even for those who aren’t skilled with programming or electronics. We have written an Arduino library that implements the core of the Control Chain protocol, leaving only the easy part to be done by you. But, what is Arduino? The Arduino website says:

“Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for anyone making interactive projects”

Arduino fits very well in the MOD context, and also, it has a huge and active users community with uncountable projects ready to use. In this way we don’t restrict you to choose our peripherals, you’re completely free to make your own devices or reproduce any other existent.

To make MOD able to comunicate with Arduino we created the “MOD Arduino Shield“, an Arduino Uno/Due compatible shield which converts the electrical levels between both, MOD and Arduino. The shield has two RJ45 connectors (the ordinary network cable) what allows the devices be connected using ethernet cables in the daisy-chain scheme.

Once you have both connected you can explore your imagination to create funny and professional peripheral devices to control your effects. Some ideas that already crossed our minds are:

  • an accelerometer attached to a guitar headstock (?)
  • a light sensor (LDR) and a flashlight (?)
  • an optical tremolo box with different patterns ( ?) (Inspired by this makezine article)
  • an ultrasonic sensor measuring distance (?)
  • a hacked digital scale to change any parameter when you jump over it the Professor X device, powered by some electroencephalography sensors

We believe that it might be easy to replicate whatever device you want, simply following a tutorial. We hope that a new community grows over the Control Chain and surely we’ll see many amazing cases.

####Check out below the MOD Arduino Shield in action.

The Control Chain will be open hardware and open source, we’ll provide the schematic, PCB files and KiCad project of the shield and the source code of the Control Chain library along with the documentation detailing step by step how to create your own device.

Be unique!