May 27 to 29 were exciting and sleepless days for MOD team. This time we expanded our core team and invited good friends of MOD to participate together in Music Tech Fest Berlin. The reason we were part of this event was because they run a hackathon event during the festival. Music and technology enthusiast gather together, assemble teams and are challenged to create a project within 24 hours. Needless to say, things went really crazy, but in the best possible way. We would like to dedicate this blog post to fully appreciate what #organic meant for us that weekend.

First of all, let me give an introduction to our fantastic team:

  • Dwek (clarinet), Aurelien (violin), Florence (flute) – our connection from Anhata.
  • Pjotr (trumpet), Harry (developer) – musicians, coders, makers.
  • Habacuque (videographer) – the director and creator of our 2014 promo video.

Some of you might know the people that work hard to make MOD what it is today, but we take the liberty to once again mention and thank the team for their hard work:

  • Gianfranco – CEO of MOD Devices, musician
  • Alexandre – Co-founder, musician
  • Jeremy – System administrator, musician
  • Ricardo – Hardware engineer
  • Filipe – Software engineer
  • Migle – Marketing and content creator

The festival took part Friday to Sunday evening. However, the 24 hours from Saturday to Sunday were the most important for us. We challenged the hackers to hack the challenge itself – we provided MOD Duo units as well as Arduino shields and technical advices to participants of the hackathon. The main idea was to have fun while creating something new and exciting and do a musical presentation on the main stage in Funkhaus on Sunday afternoon.

While Saturday began quite slow, with teams trying to figure out what direction they will go and which challenge they will take part in, by Saturday night and Sunday morning you could really feel the tension in the air and the rush to finalize the projects so that they are ready and working at the time of the presentation. We were happy to see that so many hackers implemented a MOD Duo device in their project. The winner of the hackathon was also using a MOD Duo in his project. Gadi Sassoon used a sensor provided by #MusicBricks and put it inside of stress relieving ball. He then made a generative patch inside the MOD Duo to map whatever the ball does while rolling, bumping and being tossed around and creating the sounds to represent those actions. You can see a short insert of Gadi’s presentation in the video bellow created by our good friend Habacuque Lima.

We were not only hacking during the three days of the festival. MOD Duo was one of the biggest attractions to all the rest of festival participants. We had people wondering around and coming to us to try the unlimited possibilities that the MOD Duo provides. This kind of personal and positive feedback that we received is exactly the reason we like to participate so much in events like Music Tech Fest.

Now you must be wondering when we will talk more about the #organic meaning that we used several times in our social media postings during the festival. To easily explain it to someone that didn’t take part in the festival it’s best to imagine a river that takes its own path with interesting curves and changes of depth and altitude. We had unexpected surprises happening during those few days. Two of them really stuck into our minds. One was meeting with Martin Molin, the creator of Marble Machine. Unfortunately the famous machine is a bit too big to travel, but he had brought a smaller version to demonstrate and perform on stage in Music Tech Fest. We had a pleasure of meeting Martin and connecting MOD Duo with his machine. People gathered like ants around a sweet cake, that was definitely one of the highlights of our weekend.

Now the second surprise was also very pleasant. We had a chance to present MOD Duo to Eska, she liked the sound our device provided so much that she took MOD Duo to the stage with her to several performances that she was doing during the festival. The best part of it was to see how such a talented musician is interacting with MOD Duo and the graphical user interface. Eska was able to prepare a set with MOD Duo just in couple of hours during the afternoon before her performance. We are happy to have created such an intuitive user interface that musicians can easily use and apply to their performance without struggle.

In the future we would like to do several follow ups from the connections we made during Music Tech Fest. If you like our stories and would like to hear more from us, please sign up for our newsletter, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. Together we stomp onto the future!