It’s a common question in musician’s life, especially when it comes to equipment, will everything fit in my setup? How annoying does it get when you have 3 suitcases of equipment and not enough hands to carry it by yourself. Traveling is also exhausting and that’s assuming that the cases don’t get damaged or lost in the airport. How nice would it be to just grab a backpack with a MOD Duo inside and have all your gear with you in one small but powerful box?

The most practical part of MOD Duo is that it has all the pedalboards in just one stomp box, which means you no longer need bunch of pedals going with you on stage, instead now you only need one that can easily fit in your backpack. What’s even better – you can chain your plugins anyway you want to create even more sounds and effects.

The widest dimensions of MOD Duo is only 180mm width, 160mm length and 74.7mm height. Doesn’t that just fit perfectly in your set up? After Music Tech Fest Berlin we had a contest going on in our social media network. We had some great picture submissions that shows how exactly MOD Duo would fit with their other equipment. Thank you for your submissions Edu Meneses and Luca Argel.

Don’t have a MOD Duo yet? Our pre-sale is open on our website.

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