Truth be told, we would be nowhere without our community that has supported us throughout the history of MOD Devices. You back us, share our stories, like our pictures and express your opinion in the comments. We have been overwhelmed with happiness that our forum launch was a success and seeing more posts being published there every day is truly inspiring and motivating for us.

Hearing your thoughts is very important and we decided to increase the communication with our audience even more. Therefore we are releasing a blog with a make-over style and new interesting content.

We would like to encourage you to come to our blog when you want to catch up on news about MOD team, new releases and updates about our products and also events that we are participating in. As well as that, we would like to hear from you, if you have interesting stories about MOD and music world to share that could be included in our blog as well. We are always looking for people to collaborate with and if you are interested please contact us over email

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