Dear MOD Duo users,

We are happy to announce that the 1.0 release is finally out! For those of you who have been following our journey from the very beginning or those who joined us on our kickstarter campaign, you know what a big deal it is for us. We finally got MOD Duo to the stage it was meant to be. We have an incredible team of dedicated people that has achieved a lot. As we keep mentioning we would be nowhere close to where we are today without the community that comes with this project. Thank you so much for your feedback, bug reports, feature requests and general interest in what we do. Without more ado, the following text tells about many great features we added since the very first batch.

First of all, auto-updates have been implemented. It will be much easier to install the following updates, compared to the previous manual method. An icon in the bottom right of the web interface will inform you when there’s a new update available.

Secondly, and we have already bragged about this, sharing pedalboards is now working smoothly so you can share and check what other users have been uploading so far in Our forum is integrated with the pedalboard feed, allowing you to leave comments and questions about them. If you like a pedalboard you can also load it directly on your MOD Duo by clicking the “Try Now” button. It will update and install any extra plugins needed.

Next, we finally fixed the x-run problem! This was a hard task, working with the sunxi kernel has been a big pain, so we hope to move to mainline soon. We made quite a few optimizations to the audio backend and host code to generate less CPU load per plugin. The base CPU load has dropped from 10% to 7%. More optimizations yet to come.

We added a virtual “All” bank, so you can now browse all your pedalboards from within the controller without having to pre-set banks in advance using the computer. This “All” bank is hardcoded as bank 0.

You can now load pedalboards using MIDI program messages. Pedalboards are loaded from within the currently selected bank. If you haven’t selected a bank via controller yet it will assume you want all (i.e. bank 0).

In the table below you can see some of the most important features that have been implemented with each of our release since February 2016.

You can download the latest release and see the complete changelog in our releases page here: