From the very start of the MOD project, one pack of plugins I’ve always been hooked on is the “CAPS” – developed by Tim Goetze. Tim did an amazing work and has been supporting and enhancing the plugins ever since I’ve known them. For the guitar players the “CAPS” package is literally a candy shop. Most of the important effects are there, all of them fine tuned and polished.

The basic set-up for the guitar is the “AmpVTS” – which simulates one single tube response and multiple different tone stacks (or EQs) – followed by “Cabinet IV” – simulator of different cabinets – plus the “Plate Reverb” in the end of the chain. With this simple set-up one can already do a lot.

If I were to explain very briefly, I would say the “CAPS” guitar combo is a “Fender Sound” simulator. It is great for clean to slightly saturated sounds and it does it beautifully. Here are some very basic examples:


In this pedalboard I am changing the different tone stack models. Another dimension is to change models on “Cabinet IV” as I do here:


The palette of options is quite big. All these are filter based simulators and they have a response that sometimes I find to be more pleasant.

My favourite feature is the “Low Cut” control, which sits right in the beginning of the Amps’s internal path and does the magic of removing/adding a thick bass body while still retaining that “Fender style” bright sound. Check this example, where I was first using the Low Cut to the maximum and then take it to the minimum:


One of the things I really enjoy about the “CAPS” suite, especially the “AmpVTS”, is that it handles the incoming signal really well, taming the volume and always doing a good job out of it. This is a loop with the very basic setting. I used a stronger pickup for the second part of the improvisation to show how gracefully it slightly saturates.


And, of course, it is wonderful for adding pedals, both before as after the “Amp” + “Cabinet” combo. Here are some distortions:



And some traditional effects:


As you can see, one can do really a lot with this suite. I personally resort a lot to the “CAPS” package once I want a clean guitar sound. Next blog post I will talk about the “Guitarix GX-Amp”, the plugin that was meant to saturate.

Step onto the future!


MOD Devices CEO