Good news, music maestros! If you’re one of the people who have already placed a pre-order for a MOD Duo, your wisdom & foresight will soon be rewarded – the shipment of pre-ordered units has now begun! Who else is excited? I certainly am. The first units from this batch will be off to begin their new lives in your studios, stages & gig-bags this friday, and the remaining units for all current pre-orders will be on their way next week.

Assembly & testing has been going on at our Berlin headquarters with a level of efficiency & attention-to-detail that perhaps only the skilled team of a German electronic engineering company like Schleicher could provide.

Jess from Schleicher is seen here assembling some Duos, and has been described by MOD boss-man Gianfranco (a.k.a. “The MODfather”) as an electronic artisan.

Some Duos being set up & tested through the deploy machine by our talented colleague Filipe Coelho, a.k.a. falkTX and known throughout the Linux music community for his tireless work as the creator of the KXStudio distribution and many amazing Linux audio applications. Your new MOD Duo has come from the hands of master craftsmen!

To all of our backers from Kickstarter, plugin developers, pedalboard sharers, and all the lucky people out there that have already been enjoying a MOD Duo, thank you so much for being part of the wonderful community that has been creating and sharing amazing content – a community to which we’re about to welcome a whole bunch of new members. All the lucky Duo newbies will benefit from access to the pedalboards already shared by other musicians and by having the Duo in so many sets of talented new hands, we’ll all discover & share even more amazing ways to get the sounds from inside our minds out into the real world.

Keep making music, keep loving life, & keep enjoying your MOD Duo (or get ready to start enjoying your new MOD Duo) – Adam @ MOD HQ