Hello again, music lovers! We’ve been having a great time recently at MOD. We hosted our first MODx meetup in Berlin, gathering existing members of the MOD Duo user community as well as the attendees of a Musik Hackspace workshop on the creative application of effects for music production & performance. It was great to see MOD Duos in the hands of so many talented & creative people, who utilised them when testing out the different uses of effects that were discussed during the workshop. We also ended up enjoying some amazing impromptu jams which combined music that spanned many different genres – it was a real treat! We’ll be hosting another MODx meetup in Berlin very soon, so if you want to be notified of future events please join our mailing list at moddevices.com or the MOD Duo User Group on Facebook

We’re also very pleased to announce the release of software update 1.2 for your Duo. Check out some of the amazing new features we’ve added:

  • Favorites
    There are now so many pedals & plugins available for the Duo that it was starting to take some time to find those favorite ones which you re-use in lots of your amazing pedalboard creations. Not any more! You can now mark any plugin as a favorite and have all of those appear in a single category. Mein Lieblings!
  • Tap Tempo
    You can now assign a control to tap tempo! There are now a bunch of pedals in the Delay, Modulator, Spatial & Generator categories which support the new tap tempo feature, and I’m sure more & more will start to integrate this great feature. Auf Tempo!
  • Zeroconf support
    Zeroconf support (also known as “Bonjour”) means you can now connect to your MOD using http://modduo.local instead of using the IP address. Null-Konfiguration!
  • Custom ranges for MIDI CCs
    Have you ever found that you wanted finer control over a smaller range of one of your pedal parameters when using a MIDI controller? Well, worry no longer! You can now set custom ranges when using the MIDI learn function. Benutzerdefinierte!
  • Several minor web interface changes
    You’ll also notice a few changes to the Duo’s web interface. Glänzend und neu!

For the changelog and discussion about the update as well as more detailed information on the features mentioned above, please see this post on the MOD Forum The next time you open the MOD web interface you’ll receive an update notification, and the update process is simple to initiate.

As always, please get in touch if you have any issues, and in the meantime keep making music, keep loving life & keep enjoying your MOD Duo!

“Alles ist SUPER” – Adam @ MOD HQ