Greetings fellow MOD users!

Another software update has popped up, courtesy of our development team, who works tirelessly to bring all the features you have been asking for and then some!

So, the next time you open the MOD web interface you’ll receive an update notification, just click on the tooltip icon in the bottom-right when that happens, then ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’. Wait for a few minutes while the MOD updates itself automatically and enjoy your added features.

Here’s a description of the major improvements:

  • Pedalboard Presets

Such an important and awaited feature, pedalboard presets have been a subject on the MOD forum for months. The MOD Duo is a relative revolution in terms of rig portability but several users felt they needed to be able to quickly and seamlessly change multiple plugins at the same time on stage. This was referred to as creating “scenes” inside a pedalboard. Now you can store values of parameters inside your pedalboards (such as the plugins that are on/off, their levels and other configs) and switch them all at once without having to load a new pedalboard. You can address this list of presets to any controller or footswitch!

  • Click-less Bypass

Who likes noise when turning a plugin on and off? No one I’d wager. That’s why there’s a new feature in the LV2 plugin world called click-less bypass and we now support this designation on plugins that include it. This means you’ll be able to bypass plugins and avoid that little “click” noise. For now only “Parametric EQ” by x42 includes this feature, but it will soon get picked up more and more by developers.

Also, our True Bypass plugin, aptly called “Hardware Bypass”, is now available if you want to use it on your pedalboard and activate it via footswitch!

  • ‘MIDI Utility’ Category

So… How about that ‘Utility” category on the pedalboard builder and cloud store? Pretty packed right? Well, since it has quickly got filled with MIDI utilities, we decided to keep things nice and tidy and have added the new ‘MIDI Utility’ category. That’s what happens when you’ve got hundreds of plugins ;)

  • Generic USB Joysticks as MIDI Devices

Personally, I’m not really sure I understand why someone would like to use a joystick as a MIDI controller but hey! A MOD device is about creative freedom, right? And we’re also about not getting stunted by proprietary technology. That’s why we couldn’t accept the fact that previously we could only use PS3 and PS4 joysticks over USB. Now thanks to @Azza (and some little extra integration…) we can use any joystick recognized by the MOD as a MIDI device. Buttons will send MIDI notes and CCs staring at #90 while Axis send MIDI CCs starting at #1. We’ll soon do a webinar on the subject of controllers for the stage, so this use case might spring up there and I will learn something!

There’s also quite a few more changes and tweaks. Visit our wiki to see all the changes since v1.2.1.

The next update will focus on the control chain controllers that are coming to the Kickstarter backers and that will be available to test by the community very soon. For more information, keep tuned on our forum!

Enjoy your pedalboards and the beautiful sounds that they make, share them, have fun with your added controllability, and keep helping us build the future of musical effects!

  • Dwek @ MOD HQ