Dearest community,


After several weeks of testing, our latest software update is available!

This one took a bit longer since the testing period largely involved the Beta testing of our first peripheral, the footswitch extension (soon to receive its official name – stay tuned!), and also of the Arduino shield.

As usual, you can upgrade your MOD Duo by clicking on the update icon on the bottom right-hand corner, then on ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’. Wait for a few minutes while the MOD updates itself automatically and enjoy your added features.

Here’s the rundown of release 1.4:


Control Chain

Control Chain is MOD’s custom way of doing external devices. It is an open standard (including hardware, communication protocol, cables and connectors). You can do with Control Chain what the MOD Duo’s hardware actuators are doing right now.

Comparing to MIDI, Control Chain is way more powerful. For example, instead of using hard-coded values as MIDI does, Control Chain has what is called device descriptor and its assignment (or mapping) message contains the full information about the parameter being assigned, such as parameter name, absolute value, range and any other data. Having all that information on the device side allows developers to create powerful peripherals that can, for example, show the absolute parameter value on a display, use different LED colours to indicate a specific state, etc.

And remember: you can daisy chain up to 4 Control Chain peripherals to your MOD Duo!

You can read more about Control Chain here.

Usability Changes

Some small but very handy usability changes were made, following user requests. These include:

  • It’s now possible to MIDI learn using pitchbend
  • You can change parameter ranges without having to re-learn a MIDI CC
  • You can delete the initial/first pedalboard preset (to better organise your “scenes”)
  • And we’ve also reduced the CPU usage with control-output intensive plugins.

Web Interface

  • Plugins now have an information icon on top of them on the builder, that shows their info when clicked (they hide when the screen is too small)

Looper Plugin Info Button GUI Pedalboard

  • The Duo’s own actuators now have the “MOD:” prefix to differentiate them from those of Control Chain devices
  • You can now always close addressing and pedalboard presets dialogues with the “ESC” key, independent of focus

There’s also quite a few more changes and tweaks. Visit our changelog on the wiki to see all changes since v1.3.2.


That’s it! The next upgrade is already being tested, lots of cool new features on the horizon…

Remember: many of these tweaks and new features were added because of your comments on our forum. So, keep making sweet music with your MOD Duos and let us know of any issues or improvements you’d desire!