Today, I’ll be giving you an overview of May’s official pedalboards created by artists that we are working closely with as well as members of the MOD team.

[In a recent blog post, Mauricio talked about our new 1.6 software release and commercial plugin marketplace. So, don’t forget to update your devices to enjoy the new features and plugins that are coming to your Duos.]


Innovation Day pedalboard

Alright, officially Innovation Day was on the 21st of April, but it would be a shame for you to miss out on this fat sounding audio-to-synth pedalboard due to a technicality.



This pedalboard transforms any incoming audio (on input 1) into a big detuned synth sound. The phaser adds to the throbbing sound, while the delay makes the sound more spacious. Changing the octave parameter to 0 allows you to play polyphonically, whereas -1 and -2 allow you to go down very LOOOOOW!


Built-in pedalboards

In May, we started releasing the new collection of built-in pedalboards. Every week, another pedalboard will be published to our social media channels and the pedalboard feed.


SYN: Tame Chords



A Neo-psychedelic poly sound which has a retro 80’s feel to it. Based on one of the synths used in the Tame Impala album “Currents”. Starts rather sharp, but develops into a crisp but soothing synth sound with more emphasis on the low and mid frequencies of the tones. Has a sustain of medium length, making it great for percussive synth playing with a tail of low volume fragments of the played notes.


VOC: Lorde-In-Space



Sound like dark pop queen Lorde with this pedalboard. A reverb and a harmonizer create a wide, spacey sound for you to get lost in. Choose the perfect intervals on the harmonizer to give your vocals extra depth. Use the beautiful plate reverb to add a dash of ambience, or completely drown the vocals in it for that smooth, washy sound.


KEY: Wonderbar!



A basic clavinet sound that can be spiced up for more funky-ness! Engage the Autowah for that classic funky quack, and set the Peak and Depth parameters to choose your particular flavour. There is also a switchable, characterful, single-repeat delay, taken care of by the SHIRO Modulay.


GTR: Blues Clues



A blues guitarist’s workstation pedalboard, including amplifier and cabinet simulators. Enjoy the warm and welcoming Bassman-inspired sounds with a touch of reverb. Engage the Guitarix Tube Screamer for more dirt, and enable the Clean Boost for increased volume. The Clean Boost also makes your guitar signal hit the amplifier harder, adding that subtle touch of drive.


Blogpost pedalboards

These pedalboards were discussed in detail in this blogpost about advanced electronic music setups.


Circuit MasterFX



This pedalboard has two independent processing chains; one for beats and one for synths. Its’ intended purpose is to be used as a master effects pedalboard for the Novation Circuit.


Circuit MidiKeys Filters



This pedalboard has very simple audio processing, consisting of some compression and saturation. The interesting things happen in the MIDI realm here. A USB-MIDI keyboard is plugged into the Duo and, after being processed, sent to outboard DIN-MIDI gear.


That’s it for today, thank you for reading, and talk to you next time!