How VeJa Plugins and the Onyx amp came to be.


To celebrate the launch of the new Onyx amp, we thought we would give you a little bit of context and shed a light on how VeJa Plugins came to be. Promoting new talents is an important part of what MOD thrives for. That’s why it’s so exciting to see projects such as VeJa emerging along the way.


The Onyx adventure started in 2014, when Jarno Verheesen, a Dutch engineering student, designed and built his very own vacuum tube guitar amplifier. The three channeled amp, with separate pre and power amps, was brought to life after countless hours of tweaking, tuning, testing and doing it again.


Jarno became an intern at the MOD Berlin HQ, where he was introduced to the world of digital signal processing, as well as to the LV2 standard. He found the perfect environment to further develop his hardware engineering skills while getting acquainted with the software side of things, which quickly became a focal point for him.




The Onyx idea came to be both challenging and laborious: if you want the perfect digital version of a vacuum tube amp, you build that up that amp from scratch on the real world, and only then you start to fidget with codes.

This amp is astonishingly versatile. From sparkly clean to modern metal distortion, the gain control and clipping stage work together to create a wide range of sound. It also features a character knob to control the voice of the amplifier. When set to eight o’clock, the sound warms up. At twelve o’clock, it becomes more transparent, and at four o’clock, it shines brighter.


Just like many famous amplifiers, the Onyx features the traditional BMT tonestack due to its wide tone-shaping characteristics. It allows a large variety of sounds with only minimal tweaking, making it suitable for all kinds of scenarios.


Launched at the end of December 2018 in our Plugin Shop, the Onyx by VeJa has already received praise from our community as well as content creators who have admitted being impressed with the quality of sound as well as the ease of use. Besides, doesn’t it look freaking cool?


Want some breaking news? Jarno is already working on a commercial, pimped-up version of the Onyx amp, that he will release in the MOD ecosystem sometime this year. If like Jarno you’re an independent developer with cutting-edge work only waiting to see the sunlight, get in touch with our product team. Half of the reasons why we get up every morning is to empower great talents and make their contributions available to more and more musicians. The other half is because we want to test them ourselves. :)