The year of 2018 was such a great one for MOD, as we have already mentioned a few times here. It turns out, there’s something we haven’t yet talked about: the very high note on which the year ended.


We had the pleasure of being elected best pedal of the year by our friends from The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show, as well as one of the Top 5 Bass pedals by Thomann, the biggest online retailer for all things music instruments and gear.


Facebook_top of 2018


MOD for Bassists


The MOD products are crafted to work wonders with any instrument – but you all already know that, don’t you?


Around mid 2018, we decided it was time to refocus our attention on one of our early and most important users: bassists! Work was done and by December 2018 we launched our new MOD Bass Cabinets which recreates the tonal responses of several consecrated bass cabinets. It’s really hot stuff: it ranges from modern to vintage simulations and in conjunction with the amps and effects already present in the MOD platform, we believe all our bassist friends will be happy.

Additionally, a Duo was sent to Tyler Pope, legendary bass player from LCD Soundsystem, and according to him “it’s kind of insane to me what is possible to do with this thing.” Pretty darn cool.


So, needless to say, the year had a grand finale when the Duo was consecrated one of the 5 best bass pedals of 2018.


Pedal of the year


When the guys from The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show reached out to us after seeing Red Means Recording’s video series about the Duo, we were really excited to see how they would get along with it. Their enthusiasm exceeded our expectations and they ended up electing the Duo as their best Pedal of 2018. What an honour! Especially coming from these two pedal freaks who have tried pretty much anything available on the market.


The thing that thrills us the most with the TSFAHT Pedal Show, is that they really get what we wanted to do with the Duo. We work to provide a world of possibilities to musicians of every kind. That means ignoring the idea that specific effects units are only for specific instruments, that there are conventions regarding the correct ways of patching sounds, or even old assumptions that guitar players are interested in fuzzes and amps while electronic music producers are not. It’s a new era for music-making, and we are eager to break the barriers along everyone who’s willing to do the same.


That’s why when Gabor from TSFAHT mentions in the video that the Rhodes from our MDA ePiano plugin is the best sounding one he has used amongst his high end plugins, we were doing backflips (heck yes, man. We love it too).


Having such positive response and feedback to our products, both hardware and software, is the best motivation ever. It pushes us to work harder on catering the best possible devices, and it is a daily reminder of why we decided to try and ride the crazy wave that is the music tech industry.