The little beast will start shipping right after the exhibition, where we will do a showcase of its unique features for the first time.


 BERLIN, GERMANY – For the second consecutive year, we will be exhibiting our latest hardware and software releases at Superbooth. To kick-off the shipment of the much-awaited limited edition of the Duo X, we will be doing a full demonstration for the first time since announcing our most ambitious project to date. MOD returns to Superbooth, as a great yearly opportunity to engage with a more electronic music-focused community:


“As we have been working hard this past couple of years towards expanding our horizons to the electronic-music gear market, Superbooth always appears as the perfect environment for us to assess true ‘gear-head’s’ responses to our products, as well as having the chance to exhibit amongst other amazing companies who shape the future of the music-gear market. We couldn’t wish for a better place to fully unveil the Duo X before letting it loose into the wild.” Jesse Verhage, MOD Product Specialist.


Amongst a variety of unique features, the Duo X comes with internal CV support, facilitated by a variety of new CV utilities, such as MIDI-to-CV, Audio-to-CV, and CV Clock. Additionally, a collection of bread-and-butter CV modules (VCO, LFO, VCF, etc.) allows users to design their own “synth in a box”, a particularly appealing possibility for electronic musicians.



 The MOD Duo X in action


To highlight its versatility as a standalone device in the context of electronic music production and performance, two differently built setups with their own variety of gear will be operated by Jesse Verhage and Jesse Siminski a.k.a Heartthrob, electronic music producer and DJ. Several demonstrations will be taking place throughout the three exhibition days.


Visitors will also have the opportunity to come and try out the Duo X alongside some of MOD’s latest plugin releases, such as the ValveCaster, a distortion plugin inspired by a famous DIY guitar pedal schematic, or the Phantom Zone, a dimension chorus capable of providing an almost 3D sound.


ValveCaster + BoobTubeCome try out our latest plugin releases: the GxValveCaster and the GxBoobTube


Rumour has it, curious visitors will also be able to have a little sneak peek at our recently announced MOD Expression pedal for the very first time.


Come and check out the MOD Duo X and other curiosities at booth W427 at SUPERBOOTH19, between May 9th and 11th. We are looking forward to seeing you!