Following a tremendous Kickstarter campaign fully funded in less than 24 hours, MOD Devices announce the MOD Dwarf project. 

The mighty smart MOD Dwarf

The world of digital multi-effects and simulators has managed to offer great sounds in the past decade. But it still imposes a lot of limitations on how guitarists can assemble their setups.

Unless you want to spend thousands of dollars or go around with devices that are immense.

Dwarf GIF

The new MOD Dwarf offers unprecedented patching freedom, new plugins for download every month, and plenty of power to use as many simultaneous plugins as you want. It has an open platform for effects, amp simulations, cabinets, virtual instruments, synthesizers, and MIDI utilities and everything else you would like to install and bring along with you inside a standalone device. 

This is our third-product. MOD created the MOD Duo, the MOD Duo X. Now we are excited to introduce the product we always wanted to make.

The MOD Dwarf completely changes the game:

  • It facilitates access to open-source technology
  • It allows bringing plugins to gigs in a stage-ready, very compact box. 
  • It transforms this experience, already present in MOD products, much cheaper than we were able to provide until this point.

The MOD System


This follows the global retail debut of the MOD Duo X, an audio processing gamechanger for electronic performers and DJ’s. Its extensive capabilities include a 15. GHz Processor, fully customizable controls, MIDI connectivity and CV I/Os With 8 knobs, four pushbuttons, pagination function and access to the entire MOD plugin library. The flagship desktop unit is ideally suited for electronic producers, performers and DJ’s.

MOD users have access to more than four hundred free and commercial plugins at the MOD Plugin Shop, created by independent and renowned developers, All the plugins can be patched with matchless flexibility using the browser-based a visual interface that allows the user to split, join and even feedback signals in a modular fashion. All the creations can be saved, uploaded to the cloud, and used anytime without the necessity of a computer. Supported by a strong open-source community, the gallery is always growing.

The Plugin Shop

“Our products are developed to solve real musicians’ problems, not to beat demands coming from specific market categories. We create a box musicians can open to achieve their sonic ambitions, whatever they are – first with the MOD Duo and Duo X and now with the Dwarf, for a more hands-on approach for a great price.” Says Gianfranco Ceccolini, MOD Chief Executive Officer and Founder.

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