The long-awaited moment has finally come. We know we have been teasing you for quite a while, but we’re stoked to tell everyone out there that the Duo X is finally hitting store shelves around the world.  An exciting new era has just begun for MOD Devices, the entire community of open-source enthusiasts, and electronic music artists!


Here at MOD Devices, we’re celebrating the launch of our latest product. We have been working on perfecting it for quite a while, to make sure that the Duo X will become one of the most powerful multi-effects tools on the music market. We crossed the line and created a product that is so powerful we can’t even precisely set the limits to what it does. It holds an entirely new sonic world within and was designed to offer maximum versatility, control, and audio quality for performing musicians and music producers. 

Did you know that it becomes more than a multi-effect tool, all depending on your preferences? We’re gonna deep dive into the array of possibilities that it offers, starting with its modular DNA, never-ending Plugin Gallery, CPU power, and other features that you might not even suspect this machine to carry within. Keep reading to find out what the Duo X is capable of doing and how here at MOD Devices we went too far with its technology development. 


Modular DNA


Let’s look closer at the inside of the device’s system. We can undoubtedly say that the sonic possibilities of our Duo X are almost infinite. It offers absolute signal freedom and the number of patches that can be created depends solely on our users’ imagination. This machine has its own modular DNA that enables it to create as many connections as desired. MOD users are in control of the signal path – they can split it, join together, rearrange it. We can’t stress it enough but there are indeed no boundaries to how the sound can be manipulated.


Will the Plugin Gallery ever stop growing?

There are uncountable benefits that the open-source world and the power of a strong community offer to people. That’s where MOD products come in. The MOD Plugin Shop serves as a platform for developers to commercialize their best creations and make them available to the MOD Community. It’s a part of our mission to help more and more artists to benefit from these marvels.

Just like other MOD Devices products, the Duo X allows for accessing our always-expanding Plugin Gallery. We are currently offering access to more than 300 hundred plugins of all types. All sorts of effects, virtual instruments, MIDI utilities, and CV modules are readily available to download with a blink of an eye. And if that’s not satisfying yet, think of all the heavy gear that you always need to carry with you onstage. This issue can be easily avoided if you switch to our device and use the goods the Plugin Gallery offers.

The Duo X system also allows you to load your own MAX/MSP effects to use directly on your device. Make your own plugins and access them wherever you are.


Standalone and equipped with an unbeatable CPU power



The heart of the Duo X is a powerful Hexa-core 64 bit ARM CPU. The device holds enormous power within and it’s designed to work under a lot of stress. It can handle a ton (and we mean a ton) of plugins simultaneously. 



This is the number of plugins we had to load to crash it and to be fair – we spent quite a while on doing it.

The monolithic aluminum enclosure makes the device sturdy enough to ensure safe travels and performances for years to come. This little black box is compact and ultra-resistant while at the same time elegantly designed. It was configured to stay sharp throughout all of our users’ sonic adventures. We can’t forget to mention that Duo X is fully standalone which makes it a perfect tool for artists to use during their performances. It is the perfect solution to a laptop free stage setup if you so wish. 


What other benefits does it give performing musicians and music producers?

If you are a Dj, you probably encountered a situation in which you wanted to add a personalized sound to your performance. One way of doing this is to use effects to add a fresh dynamic and to enhance the overall sonic experience. It is well-known that mixers in clubs only have a few built-in effects to choose from and with Duo X, you don’t have to limit yourself to using only those. Create complex pedalboards before your gigs and choose from any effect available in the MOD Plugin Store. This personalized approach will elevate your sound and create possibilities signature to your approach. 

What about navigation to make performances smoother? Duo X’s advanced features enable artists to navigate through their performances more easily and intuitively. It is equipped with a Pagination feature, which allows for quickly switching between different pages, with completely different assignments to each knob and push-button. The Instant Recall function can save temporary moments from your set. This makes it a great added value for a smoother workflow during performances. But there is still more…

Would you like to control other gear? Our device can do that too. It’s a flexible tool – it can be used as a MIDI interface and controller to send MIDI information to other devices. Send MIDI information to your synthesizer, drum machine, or DAW.

Did you know that you could also turn this beast into your own, custom-made synthesizer? Check out this short video of how we made the Duo X become a synth. With a variety of virtual instruments, CV modules and utilities to choose, you can sweep filters, alter pitch, and tweak oscillators with an analog continuous feeling.



How to navigate through the Duo X?

Who can explain what you can do with this powerful machine better than the music producers themselves? MOD Duo X has been reviewed by a few amazing gear-lovers who decided to share a few tips and tricks with you. See for yourself what this beast is capable of:







Keep an eye out for new full-of-knowledge tutorials that we will be sharing with you very soon.


Where can I get it?

From today the Duo X is hitting stores’ shelves and will be available to buy from our retailers and distributors. You can find a store near you on our website and get it online. Or just visit the store in your area and feel the device before purchasing it. Pretty neat, right?




To wrap up…

We believe it was worth waiting for this very special moment. Here at MOD Devices, we feel that a new chapter has just begun and we are looking forward to seeing what the near future will bring. Let’s make the world hear about Duo X’s launch. 

Stay tuned for more info coming soon and let us know in the comments if you are planning on getting your own Duo X.

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