Autumn is around the corner, colder days are ahead of us and it’s a perfect moment to get back to your music studio. We want to prepare you for the days in your productive shell and that’s why we’re offering a -50% discount on all plugins. Warm-up your sounds with MOD this autumn!


If you’re a MOD user, you’re probably aware that we’re currently offering more than 300 hundred plugins for free and we are not stopping here. Our Plugin Gallery is continuously growing and we’re hoping to never stop this process. However, we also have some marvelous creations from developers who collaborate with us. Now all of their plugins are on sale and can be purchased for half the price. We’re sure they will make a great contribution to your setup. Let’s take a closer look at the most recent ones that came to MOD this year.


Add more complexity and depth to your music


shiro-gaffa plugin


The SHIRO Gaffa is a very characterful delay. It doesn’t perfectly replicate your input as digital delays do, but instead, it explores the irregularities, quirks, and sound coloring of analog tape delays. The Gaffa has more straightforward delay controls such as MIX, LOWCUT, REPEATS, and TIME. On top of that, there are controls such as BIAS, CRINKLE, DRIFT, WOWFLUTTER, and TAPEAGE that allow you to configure each aspect of your perfect tape delay sound. The cherry on top is the TRAILS switch. This switch sets whether the plugin ON/OFF switch bypasses the input or the output of the plugin. With the TRAILS enabled, this results in the effected sound peacefully dying out when you bypass the plugin. It’s a must in your pedalboard if you’re as obsessed with delays as much as we are.


forward audio for impulse-response lovers


forward audio marsh 1960a plugin


The Marshall 1960A cabinet is the most iconic and best-selling guitar cabinet in history. AC/DC, Nirvana, Green Day, RHCP, Pearl Jam, Eric Clapton, and a lot more artists have used this cabinet in their recordings for decades. The chance that one of your favorite records is made with a Marshall 1960 is close to 100%. The cabinet of this IR pack is based upon more than just a standard Marshall 1960A. It‘s the 1995 Limited Edition in red which was usually shipped with a Marshall JCM 800 head. Only 200 units of this particular type were produced. The cabinet comes with 4 Celestion G12-T75 speakers, which are carefully captured to spark in your mix! 


forward audio ENG 212 plugin


The ENG 212 pack It’s based on the Engl E 212VH Vintage (Closed Back) 2×12 box. It is a perfect fit for modern rock and metal guitarists. Its tube variation was captured with a modded Peavey Windsor tube amp, these variations provide a warm low-end response and subtle tube distortions. Perfect for the use with amp simulations to add organic tube warmth. The solid (State) was captured with a custom linear solid-state amp to provide an uncolored representation of the cabinet. Perfect for the use with a tube amp recorded through a load box.


forward audio mega california recto plugin


The MEGA California Recto pack is a really tight and bright sounding cab used a lot in 2000’s metal and modern metal. The Mesa Boogie 4×12 Rectifier cabinet is probably the most wanted guitar cabinet of all time. Metallica, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Wes Borland…the list of successful bands and guitarists using this big boy is beyond comparison. Its tight attack paired with a powerful top-end sound has shaped modern guitar for the last 30 years. 4 UK made Celestion Vintage 30 speakers are loaded in this Mesa Boogie 4×12 Rectifier cab, all of which are carefully captured to spark in your mix. This pack comes with nine IRs captured with the Fredman Technique through an analog mixer. It contains the already mixed Fredman Impulse ready for mixing, as well as the single microphones.


And there is so much more to discover! Check out outstanding plugins from Overtone DSP, Guitarix, K-devices, and more. We’re curious to hear what you will create with these amazing tools. Don’t forget to share your sounds with us this autumn, we’re always excited to see what our MOD community has been up to. We wish you a cozy, productive time in your studio. 

Stay warm!