The development and evolution of digital effects in the music world have given rise to a new wave of artists who are exploring unique sounds not only in electronic music, but also finding new approaches to traditional instruments.

Here at MOD Devices we work hard to develop innovative and intelligent tools that help those artists to go even further. 

By designing multipurpose audio devices, we aim to enhance creativity in the studio and innovate live performances with easy to use hardware and software.

Among the long line of artists that are already using our devices to make groundbreaking music, we selected five examples to show you the power of digital effects and how they can be used in the most diverse ways.

So let’s hear it from:

Jamaica Suk







Jamaica Suk is a Berlin based DJ and producer who forges a new vision of techno duality, hammering out deep stormy rhythms that reinforce a gentle story of polyphonies.

A trained musician and student of jazz, Jamaica’s extensive musical background originally led her towards a love of shoegaze and psychedelic rock. 

An eventual trip to Berlin changed her musical outlook drastically and Jamaica began to develop a love for the machine that would soon consume her. 

Her work developed into an impressionistic sound scape and sonic experience for the body and soul, also sharing the ideals of techno pioneers and purists who came before her.

She is a self proclaimed fan of the MOD Duo X and holds a special place for our device in her set.

“If you told me in my past career that this box could replace my pedalboard one day I would not believe you. And here it is! It offers CV possibilities and much more. It sounds ace on basses, guitars, drum machines & modular synths. It has a friendly programmable interface and is quite robust. It can easily fit in your backpack or large purse. Consider this the icing to my gluten free cake. It’s the yin to my studio yang!”












Inkie is a Russian beatboxer/looper influenced by genres like tech-house, minimal, trip-hop, neurofunk, and glitch. 

His style in beatbox and looping comes from his personal love of sound-design and researching new ways to combine sounds with an unusual approach.

In 2012, he won his first beatbox battle at the Autumn Beatbox Battle. He later won the MTS Street Games two years later. In 2017, Inkie became the first Russian Loopstation Champion, facing fellow looper, Danya. 

Since then he has launched an international career and released his first album, Keep It Strange, in 2019, compiling 10 tracks he created during two years of battling in the international beatbox community.

Lately he has been using a Mod Duo X to sample vocals and create new elements to expand his unique approach to beatboxing. 

Check out the amazing work he has done with our device in his new track “Blue Flame”:




Benn Jordan

Benn Jordan is an American modern jazz and electronic musician operating under many pseudonyms. Since 1999, his most widely distributed electronic music has been released under the name of The Flashbulb. Benn has also released music as Acidwolf, Human Action Network, and FlexE.

As The Flashbulb, Jordan typically releases electronic or cinematic styled music. His style differs strongly between albums, but they all have a cohesive bond tied around intricate drum programming, jazz-influenced melodies, and a wide array of live instrumentation from various instruments Jordan has acquired. He also often records his melodies through MIDI-synced guitars. 

His guitar style and skill have gained attention because he typically plays the guitar strung backwards, and makes heavy use of fast sweeping and tapping. 

Also a MOD Duo X enthusiast, Benn can be seen in the video below using our device as a standalone, all-in-one looper plus performance instrument. 

“It’s an open-source, user friendly, stable genius”, he stated in this review of the Duo X posted in his YouTube channel. 




Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson’s otherworldly cinematic soundscapes, improvised live with nothing but a 6-string bass guitar, an MPC-style MIDI controller and a bewildering array of pedals made him the most celebrated solo bassist in the UK.

His albums have included solo works, duets, and trio with live looping, mingling layers of sounds generated from a bass guitar.

Through touring the world as solo artist and across a staggering ninety-something solo and collaborative releases in the last two decades, Lawson has built a dedicated following for his particular brand of melodic, ambient, wonky electronica. 

In between all the music making, he somehow finds time to give regular masterclasses at universities across the UK and Europe, and is working on a PhD, exploring the audience experience of his improvised music.

In this video, taken from his Instagram profile, Steve plays the opening track of his 2020 album Hindsight, recorded live at the Casa Della Musica in Trieste, Italy. The keys and bass part are looped in the MOD DuoX.

“This little box contains a whole universe of musical exploration. I love the way it presents new creative possibilities every time I turn it on.”


Francesca Lombardo

Francesca Lombardo is an electronic music producer and DJ from Italy who has cultivated a sound of her own via an emotional narrative of dreamy soundscapes, stirring melodies and hypnotic rhythms. 

Always pushing boundaries in the name of creativity, Francesca’s live show sees instrumental ensembles of varying sizes perform her intricate productions, whilst her finesse as a DJ and undeniable vocal prowess further distinguishes her from the crowd.

Entering a new phase of her career, Francesca unveiled her critically acclaimed debut album Life Of Leaf in 2019, a collection of forward-thinking, powerful songs and made from the heart. 

Being an early user of our MOD Duo, she is one of the artists chosen by MOD Devices to test drive its new groundbreaking release: the MOD Dwarf. And she’s already loving it!

“All you need fits in a little box. MOD devices are sexy, minimal yet powerful and with no limitation. It has everything within one little box and it is very useful in the studio as well as live.”




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