Fire up outstanding artistic projects using MOD Devices

Our devices grant immense possibilities to every type of musician.

Having a MOD device means that you are getting a personalized and evolutive experience as an artist. You can be a part of this community and drive the development of the audio processors that are tailor-made to be your perfect companions.

If you have a MOD device or are interested in having one to play a prominent role in your setup, you can become a MOD Artist. As we hope to play a role in the development of your creations, we also hope that you further our products and that you have an established career in the music industry.

We are excited to get in touch with you.
Please read the FAQ below before submitting your application for endorsement.


How do I apply?

Just fill in the form on this page or send an email to providing all the relevant information on your musical work (such as pictures, audio, and video), as well as your contact and social media information.

What is a MOD artist?

MOD artists come from all genres and from all around the world. They are obstinate about perfecting their craft and they are committed to breaking new sonic ground with their work.

MOD artists get substantial discounts on MOD products and have access to new and sometimes exclusive features. They become an active part of the development of the company and contribute to the innovation process, helping to shape the future of music with us.

As part of the MOD Artist Relations Program, they also benefit from personalized technical and creative support to create the most fulfilling synergy with both hardware and software solutions.

We also believe in mutual development through content creation, communication and cross-promotion and we foster the publication of creative material through all of our media outlets.

MOD artists agree to communicate with the MOD Artist Relations Department when necessary.


What does MOD expect of its artists?

The most important thing we expect our artists to do is to consider MOD as their companion throughout their journey. MOD expects artists to be who they are: active performers and/or teachers in the music industry, innovators, and developers of new sonic ideas.

MOD artists have MOD devices consistently integrated into their workflow, whether in the studio, on tour or in clinics. They are the best advocates of MOD and are open to sharing with others their experiences using MOD Devices.

They are expected to acknowledge MOD for support and mention the devices they use if they are given an opportunity during an event, clinic, recording etc.

MOD will be happy to receive updates on the artist’s new projects and the evolution of their careers (such as recordings, tours, teaching appointments, publications, and any accomplishments that we can celebrate and communicate).


What can’t MOD do in supporting its artists?

MOD does not pay artists to use its devices. We do not function as a booking agency or management service. Whenever called upon, we offer sound advice and solid referrals but we do not take the responsibility to define and propel careers.

We also do not cover travel expenses or pay artists to play gigs or concerts other than MOD events.


What is required in the application process?

Send us your information, links to pics and videos using this form or via