Amp simulator: is it worth using this feature?

An amplifier simulator pedal, also called “boxed amp”, is basically a drive pedal with sound characteristics and equalizers that reproduce the sound of a complete amplifier, including its preamp, poweramp and cabinet. It can be used like any drive pedal, connected to the input of your amplifier to obtain different sounds of distorted sounds. But [...] read more

Open source audio plugins: how to better use this feature?

Plugins are very useful resources for the work of any musician, music producer or audio engineer. They make it possible to emulate sounds from real instruments, process sounds and even create entirely new sounds. Nowadays you can emulate analog equipment that was previously inaccessible with a high degree of precision, or develop a musical identity [...] read more

Power in Numbers: How MOD Labs Will Enhance All of MOD Devices

In this blogpost, we get to explain what the MOD Labs are, an initiative that will gather all community activities and make it easier and more enjoyable to make use of MOD's open platform in order to experiment and develop new hardware and software features. […] read more