Power in Numbers: How MOD Labs Will Enhance All of MOD Devices

2021-03-21T09:37:38+01:00July 2, 2018|

In this blogpost, we get to explain what the MOD Labs are, an initiative that will gather all community activities and make it easier and more enjoyable to make use of MOD's open platform in order to experiment and develop new hardware and software features.

Our Next Big Step: MOD Duo X Reveal

2021-03-21T09:37:39+01:00June 20, 2018|

This blog post reveals our new audio processor, the MOD Duo X, and explains why we created it and what are the very special things it can do.

Expanding Your MOD Duo With the MOD Footswitch

2021-03-21T09:37:40+01:00June 4, 2018|

This blog post talks about the recently release MOD Footswitch and how it can be used to expand the controls of the MOD Duo. It also covers what Control Chain controllers are and what they can do in the MOD universe.