A limitless world of sonic possibilities

The MOD Ecosystem provides a world of discovery through an intuitive open platform limited only by the user’s imagination.

“I just can’t stop messing around with the MOD Devices”

— Trey Gunn, King Crimson

An enormous, ever-expanding collection of plugins

Regular new plugin releases allow you to continuously explore new sounds and setups without a need for extra hardware.

Total patching freedom

Create unique sounds and setups connecting Audio, MIDI, and CV plugins with the freedom of the virtual world.
Our easy-to-use interface allows you to connect, split, merge, and even feedback signals without limitations.

Open-source-based OS

Developed as an open platform, the rolling MOD OS is constantly being improved. All features are integral and consistent across the product line with new features developed regularly.

Ever-growing collection

Over 300 plugins; from classic pedals, amps and cabinets to a host of cutting edge sound-shaping tools, our virtual gear collection is ever-growing. Access fresh ideas from the creative coder community with third-party plugins or import your own Max gen~ code.

Total patching freedom

Connect and discover with the intuitive user interface. You assemble your personal plugin combinations effortlessly within the MOD ecosystem. Visualize and direct processing flow across multiple signal sources into easily managed snapshots and banks.

Open platform

With an open-sourced-based OS, unprecedented access is given to third-party plugin developers big and small. Supporting audio, MIDI, CV, and IR files for multi-layered sonic tools on the forefront of musical idea creation usable by the entire MOD hardware line.

Standalone Power

Ready to go out of the box, MOD hardware is a musicians’ dream. All of the expressive power is available in standalone mode for a computer-free performance instrument. The MOD Ecosystem inspires with its solid performance and straightforward usability in any context.