MOD Footswitch

For all the control freaks out there

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Programmable Expansion of All MOD Devices

The MOD Footswitch seamlessly connects to your MOD devices and is instantly recognized on the Pedalboard Builder to extend the actuators you can use to control your effects. Like the MOD Duo’s own footswitches, it allows you to scroll through lists, toggle effects on and off and also define tap tempos.

And if you want more controls, you can daisy chain it with another MOD Footswitch or other Control Chain Device.


Visual Information for Maximum Control

Keep track of your configurations thanks to the two LCD screens on your MOD Footswitch. Know exactly what effects are assigned at all times and when shifting through pedalboards. Each footswitch also has its own LED to indicate if the footswitch is being used, if its effect is on/off, for tap tempo and more.

Compact and Robust Design

The MOD Footswitch was designed to sustain all the rigors of the stage yet be lightweight and small. Its sleek design matches the MOD Duo/Duo X and its compactness ensures a minimal footprint.


Upgradeable Firmware

Like all products of the MOD ecosystem, the MOD Footswitch is meant to last and evolve with time. As new functionalities are developed, you will easily upgrade its firmware and take full advantage of the processor inside.

Open Software and Open Hardware

In tune with MOD Devices disruptive philosophy, both the software and hardware of the MOD Footswitch are open-source. We want our users to empower themselves and be able to use our products in the way they see fit. The MOD Footswitch can easily be hacked and tweaked, and users can even build one themselves.

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ARM Cortex-M0


2 Character LCDs 16x2

4 footswitches with LEDs


Mini USB B (used to upgrade
the firmware)

Power over Ethernet cable


Aluminum enclosure

Low profile design

Dimensions and weight

Width: 280mm

Length: 87mm

Height: 46mm

Weight: 0.5kg

Control Chain Devices

Control Chain is an open standard developed to connect external controllers to MOD audio processors such as footswitch extensions or expression pedals.

Compared to MIDI, Control Chain is much more powerful. Instead of using hard-coded values, it’s equipped with a device descriptor. Its assignment (or mapping) message contains the full information about the parameter, such as name, absolute value, range, and any other data. Accessing this information allows developers to create peripherals that can show the absolute parameter value on a display, use different LED colors to indicate a specific state, etc. It’s possible to daisy chain up to 4 control chain peripherals to your MOD Duo. Pretty neat, right?

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