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Endless effects, amp simulations, synths, loopers sequencers, and unprecedented patching freedom inside open-source, powerful black boxes.

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Last chance to pre-order MOD Dwarf

We are running a pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo for the MOD Dwarf only for a few more days. Don’t miss the chance to get yours for a very special price while the campaign is still running!

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The standalone device with no precedents in the music gear market. Its cutting-edge audio processor, multiple connections, and extensive actuators were designed to offer maximum versatility, control, and audio quality to performing musicians and music producers.

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I am really impressed with the Duo. It’s kind of insane to me what is possible to do with this thing.


It’s the perfect effects tool. And you can try out our presets on the MOD website.


It’s the best pedal-brain that I’ve ever used and that I’ve ever had in my backpack to go around.


A limitless world of sonic possibilities awaits

We are a community of idea-centered makers, insight gatherers, and innovation hunters. We believe in lean processes that privilege creativity and push technology boundaries.

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Increase your footswitches for added controllability

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MOD Merch

Stylish and eco-friendly

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We are a community-driven company that fosters the sharing of musical experiences. You can come to see us at the events we attend and organize or hear the pedalboards created and shared by MOD users.

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Audio effects, amp and cabinet simulations, virtual instruments and synths, looping stations, sequencers: you name it! Our Plugin Store has hundreds of apps and is open to third-party developers so there’s always something new.

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